There are more searches on Mobile search than Desktop search now. Is your business prepared for mobile web searchers and visitors?

How to Evaluate your Mobile website readiness…

Webmasters Tool Search Console Web vs Mobile Search Tool

How to Evaluate your Mobile website readiness.

1. Check to see if your website is mobile-friendly.

2. Check to see if your mobile site is slow

  • The PageSpeed Insights Test evaluates your mobile site for load speed as well as user experience issues. It will give you insights on how to fix the issues and make faster. The PageSpeed Insights tool is here A score of 60/100 should be considered a minimum score.

3. Need a mobile site compliance checklist?

  • The publication “Principles of Mobile Site Design” is available for download here
  • The publication offers 25 best practices including the need to include mobile site search, provide a 1-click option back to the Home page and provide a checkout process that allows Guest checkout.

4. Need examples of how to Optimise your responsive website experience?

How to Measure Mobile website business results.

1. Estimated Total Conversions

  • Google Adwords now calculates estimated total conversions to include conversion events that happen after campaigns have generated awareness and helps assign value to these. Some of these conversions are: online sales on a different device, app downloads, phone calls (you can use call-forwarding to count calls by if received and call duration)
  • Estimated cross-device conversions allows tying together users’ mobile visits and desktop/tablet visits to determine the conversions that are coming from users who cross between devices (mobile, desktop, etc.)
  • Estimated in-store purchases allows you to estimate online search and research and the results in terms of in-store conversions.

2. Want to know the Full Value of Mobile for your business?

  • The Full Value of Mobile tool helps you calculate the total impact. The tool is found here
  • Use it by inputing or importing site and business data and the tool will help determine the total impact of mobile on your business.

How to Monitor the changing web in regards to Mobile.

1. Need to keep abreast of trends in mobile in your industry?

2. Need to see the difference between mobile and desktop searching and how your site performs for each?

  • Google Webmasters tools ( includes a device breakdown of your site’s performance in search across mobile and web searches. You can compare the clickthrough rate (CTR) of your site’s search results and see a report like this one:


Webmasters Tool Search Console Web vs Mobile Search Tool
Webmasters Tool Search Console Web vs Mobile Search Tool

The increases in mobile web usage is astounding. The smartphone has created a veritable shift in the use of the web moving from a desktop experience anchored by “zero moment of truth” type engagement to “micro-moments” of user interaction with you brand and website. Is your website ready for mobile users? We at MiWeb hope these tips and pointers to resources gets you up-to-speed.