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Mattel: Decrease in reporting times for better real-time decision making.

GCP industry

This case presents the results obtained from the creation of a digital dashboard. The challenge was to achieve a unified view of the data of all its brands and sub-brands that allowed:

  1. Decrease reporting times.
  2. Understand how digital efforts move and their impact.

CitiBanamex:  using a cloud software architecture – Customization using a cloud software architecture

Banking and Finance, Mexico

This case presents results obtained in areas of: cloud software architecture and user experience customization within a digital marketing context that seeks to capture leads and perform the Scoring of them to pre-qualify their credit card applications.

Utel: Similar audience of UTEL

Education industry

This case presents the results obtained from the use of Similar Audiences for the search network, with the aim of generating conversions, in this case, filling out a contact form, focusing on users with behavior similar to those they have already converted.

Logo Del Valle

Del Valle: The success case of Del Valle of the CPG industry in Mexico.

GCP Industry

This case breaks down results obtained in the brand positioning area through the union of audiences and creation of content relevant to the Nutriforte product belonging to the brand. And how search and video campaign solutions were applied for search partners, both from Google Ads, to meet business needs.