Each of our services is focused on your company’s specific level of digital marketing maturity:
Nascent + Emerging     Emerging + Connected     Connected + Multi-moment

Managed Services

For this service we conduct the following activities:

  1. Analyze search trend data, campaign results and optimize based on the strategy.
  2. Ensure the stability and growth of the data strategy.
  3. Research and document an executive summary of findings.
  4. Communication strategy, definition of keywords and ad copy for Google Search
  5. Campaign optimization
  6. Campaign performance monitoring and auditing
  7. Budgets management
  8. Report performance highlights based on campaign objectives
  9. Post-Evaluation / Final Learning

We offer consultancy and/or execution around:

  • Trafficking
  • Campaign Strategy & Planning
  • Campaign Setup, Management & Optimization
  • Inventory Access Management/Deals/Environment Access
  • Quality/brand safety management
  • Supply Path Optimization

What we do?

Optimize your digital presence to achieve your business goals