The theme of this year’s Partner Summit was “Data in Action” and the Keynote by Paul Muret set the tone by reminding us that to gain business agility we need to have:

1)  excellent sensory input as provided by GA and other data collection tools and methods, followed by,
2) great off court analysis which takes into account factors such as the user experience across wwwices, the attribution of marketing initiatives beyond last click analysis and e-commerce data, and lastly
3) on court reaction through testing the user experience, segmenting and remarketing to audiences

Here’s a pic of Paul and the senior management team for GA


While the Google Analytics Summit is a wrap for this year, we Partners have a wealth of new knowledge and tools with which to begin exploring.  Perhaps the most compelling of the new opportunities for business are the Enhanced Ecommerce that offers a set of new reports and visualization tools. The new ecommerce reporting focuses on the Who (the people and their shopping behavior), the What (the products’ lifecycles and category views) and the How (which paths lead to purchase, which marketing channels promote these paths and what types of merchandising opportunities exist).  For more on the new e-commerce reporting, check out the official blog post.

On the agenda as well was a chance for the Partners to demo the Google Glass.   I found the interface simply and intuitive and fairly unobtrusive.  I can imagine that I would use a Google Glass while touring and taking photos and videos and to consult a map or get info on the sites I am seeing.  Here I am trying out the Google Glass.  google-glass

There is a ton more to tell about the Summit but alas most of the topics… pretty much all of the topics… are under wraps until Google announces them.  So for the time being only the Analytics partners are privy to what is in store.  Certainly you can expect that business will become even more agile this year as they adopt the new Analytics tools and turn their data into action.