IT NOW “Pyme Techie del Mes”  - “Techie Small Business of the Month”

Costa Rican “Flor del Este” florists were selected as the “Techie Small Business” of the month by the IT NOW magazine in Central America.  Watch this 2 min video to learn how they have achieved so much thanks to digital analytics and marketing.   Did I mention that they are a family-owned and operated micro-enterprise?  Visit ITNOW

Floristería “Flor del Este” de Costa Rica fue elegido como la “Pyme Teche Del Mes” por la revista centroamericana IT NOW. Este video corto explica como han logrado tanto mediante el analítica y mercadeo digital.  Cabe mencionar que es una micro-empresa familiar.  Visite ITNOW

ENGLISH Transcript:

The Techie Small Business of the Month

Ecommerce converts neighborhood florist into small global business

Lorena Delgado:   0:00 – 0:30
“Flor del Este Florists is a small family owned and operated business and the situation was that we were seeing a decline in foot traffic and sales in our flower shop.  So in 2006 we asked ourselves what we could do to grow our business so that it not continue to decline and we were presented the option of creating a website.”
Paul Fervoy:  0:30 – 2:00
“At the end of 2006 we started with a simple website to validate the idea that they could sell flower delivery service in Costa Rica via an online store.  For Valentine’s Day 2007 we had validated this idea and we relaunched the website with an ecommerce component.  It was really then on this date, Feb. 14th 2007, that the flower shop really began to sell online.
“For us at InterNexo the tool that really made this possible for a small business were the open source tools that allowed us to wwwelop a cost-effective website and ecommerce option for them.  There were implementation costs but no on-going licensing costs.   We implemented Google Analytics that allows us to measure the ecommerce results. Together with Google Adwords we can measure online marketing costs and together then we can determine the return on marketing investment.  Every time we spend a dollar in online marketing we can determine the sales and earnings results of this marketing spend.  This ability to analyze the return on marketing investment allowed us to identify good marketing channels and invest with confidence that we were going to continuously delivery really really good results for their business.”
Lorena Delgado:  2:00 – 2:30
“We are like a small global business.  We are a small local Costa Rican business but with a global reach.
There are clients from Asia, Central and Latin America… Peru, Mexico, Brazil… that order from us.”