Each of our services is focused on your company’s specific level of digital marketing maturity:
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Marketing Automation

  1. Review of information sources
    • Validation of the business problem
    • Project scope definition
    • Identification of the sources of information that will be collected
    • Confirm access to information sources
    • Preliminary data exploration
  2. Capture, Transformation and Clusterization
    • Data Architecture Design
    • Data Capture
    • Define grouping criteria
    • Clustering
  3. Data analysis
    • Variables relevant to the business problem
    • Data exploration and experimentation
    • Findings and results, such as iterative, about the relevant variables and the exploratory data analysis (EDA)
    • Definition of the model for data activation
  4. Visualization of relevant data, the generation of reports according to the business problem
  5. Data activation
    • Implementation of the data activation model
  6. Consulting
    • Identification of customer value insights
    • Suggest new data sources
    • Advise on improvements to the model(s) or propose new data models
    • Identify new automation opportunities
  7. Maintenance of data sources – iterative
    • Ensure permanent data capture
    • Incorporation of new data sources
    • Apply improvements to the data model
  • Search Automation
  • Display Automation
  • Cloud Automation – API Application (C4M)