Each of our services is focused on your company’s specific level of digital marketing maturity:
Nascent + Emerging     Emerging + Connected     Connected + Multi-moment

Omni-Channel Measurement Strategy

Collect all of your data in one place, in order to create a strategy that covers multiple touch points (which may include online or offline).

Data Driven Attribution

Analyze data in order to give credit for conversions based on how people search for the business and decide to become a customer. We use data from the client account to determine which ads, keywords, and campaigns have the greatest impact on business goals.

Audience Strategy

  • Audience Strategy
    Based on data, we analyze the segmentation strategy for audiences, messages, channels and metrics that we will use to increase client business results.
  • Audience Segmentation & Analysis
    Using the data to segment consumers by demographics or interests in order to optimize your marketing efforts (impact the right person on the right device at the right moment).
  • Customer Segmentation (C4M)
    We analyze the behavioral characteristics of different audiences. For the selected data we make an initial evaluation of its characteristics and statistical behavior. Next we do an exploration of the data with the main objective of characterizing its behavior. Based on the results of our exploration, we define and propose the possibilities that exist for the approach to modeling. Additional steps are usually defined and executed in the data cleaning, as a result of this step.
  • Data Driven Segmentation (C4M)
    We analyze the behavior of the audience from different points of contact, in an omnichannel perspective.


Reporting Framework Development

Create dashboards that provide key information about business goals and trends in the industry.

Self Service Analytics (C4M) 
We build advanced dashboards that feed from different data sources, with on and offline data that allow clients to make better business decisions.

Predictive & Advanced Analytics Modeling

We use a number of data mining, predictive modeling, and analytical techniques to bring together the management, information technology, and modeling business processes to make predictions about the future. We analyze patterns found in historical and transactional data to identify risks and opportunities for the future.

  • Audience Scoring
  • Purchase Prediction (C4M)
  • Sentiment Monitoring (C4M)
  • Churn Prediction (C4M)
  • LTV Scoring/ LifeTime Value Prediction (C4M)
  • Product Correlation/Recommendation Engine