To perform web analytics it is necessary to have defined the key indicators of success that allow you to evaluate the web presence of your site,  and to utilize tools that facilitate the capture of data and the expert interpretation of it.

To define a key indicator of success or KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in your digital marketing strategy these indicators must be measurable, using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, WebCEO, Sreaming Frog, Google Tag Manager, among others.

Within our Analytics service there are four scenarios, with which we can ensure the integrity of the data that is being reported:

  1. The client already has Analytics installed
  2. The client has Analytics installed and wants us to integrate it with Google Tag Manager, CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or another.
  3. We make the installation of Analytics on your website
  4. We make the installation of Analytics and integrate it with Google Tag Manager, CRM or another.

The analytics will allow you to continuously improve your website and digital strategy, and to make decisions based on calculable, measurable and verifiable results.

With analytics, monitoring is established, not only of your company, but also of your business sector, in order to learn how it operates, who the key players are, and what business models are used in web marketing strategies.

The most important aspect of all is that we do not leave our clients in the dark, we prefer to schedule at least one session every month to review the success indicators. This practice gives our clients peace of mind: we review results, attend consultations, and take action on the work plans originally proposed.

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