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After operating as Northern Pike in North America since 2010, and as InterNexo in Latin America since 1997, our companies fully merged in 2014 under our new global brand MiWeb (reflecting our bilingual team and international reach, it’s spelled the same in English and Spanish)! We are especially proud that our development team was awarded the World Bank’s InfoDev Prize for one of the world’s ten best web projects for MetaBase.net, and have also been awarded PBS Television’s WebLab Prize for the year’s most innovative ideas for the web. Most recently, our team was featured in one of Google’s TV commercials! Our Co-Founder/CEO and our Director of Web Design & Development have each been named one of ‘40 Under 40 Most Influential’ people in the country by El Financiero Newspaper. Our CEO was also recently re-elected for a fourth term as the Vice President of the National IT Business Association (in the #1 IT exporting country in all of Latin America, and #1 per capita exporting country in the world)!

Our team possess a unique span of expertise, including deep experience in e-business strategy, software engineering & web-based applications, web site & infrastructure development, web marketing & analytics. We enjoy vital connections to thought leaders in web tech/silicon valley, media & entertainment, architecture & design, and the arts. We have more than $10 Million in digital management. Improvement occurs through active and persistent attention. We manage your digital channels and paid marketing budget to achieve optimal cost-per-acquisition and ROAS results. We’re a Google AdWords Certified Partner Agency, Google Analytics Certified Partner Agency, Google Tag Manager Certified Partner Agency, Cloud Provider (Google Cloud & AWS), and Google Apps Certified Reseller.

We’ve created digital products and multi-channel marketing & media solutions for companies as diverse as Disney, Oregon Scientific, School Loop, The World Bank, The Nature Conservancy, The United States Parks Service, FairPlay Labs, TeenSmart International, Link Silicon Valley, Mighty Play, Mevio, iPhone games and lifestyle apps, Digital Blue, Kiboo mobile banking, Arcade games, Brand Connections, AldadisUSA, STANYS, Ayla Networks, Moogsoft, Grupo MedLegal, Sausalito Ferry, Tabtor Math, The Bank of Costa Rica, Costa Rica National Museum, Costa Rica Ministry of Culture and Arts, American Dog Club, Big Bucks Auto, Provincetown Art House, Arts Council of Wayne County, XLNTbrain Sport, SethTV, Rand McNally, Sports Illustrated Play, SR4, Uni-Systems, Abbott Labs, Accenture, Pfizer, FedEx, the US Postal Service; RCA Music Group/Sony Music, and others.

Today, every company is a media company. We help you leverage the benefits of platforms that allow you to engage with new audiences and strengthen the conversation with existing ones. Our user-centered focus and analytics-driven decision-making process will allow you to harness the power of the Internet in order to reach your business goals. We have over 20 years of experience in providing IT solutions, and participate in a consortium of over 150 tech companies specializing in every facet of IT development imaginable. Our digital development needs for any new business project are uniquely well-covered by our access to this IT consortium.

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